When my husband and I moved into our new 3-bedroom rent house this summer, we decided that each of us could have our “own” room. His, of course, is an office complete with one wall coated in nanotechnology that lets him use the wall like a massive dry erase board. It’s been very useful for him since starting med school.

My room is a yoga room.

(Please excuse the graininess of the pictures as they were taken with my phone.)

As you can see, the middle of the floor is free from stuff and stays open for my portable yoga floor (a la LifeBoard) and yoga mat. The only furniture is a dresser my mom found for free that I painted a sand color. I then painted a small bookcase we already had in the same color to match.

The “artwork” on the walls are actually “originals.” That is, they are what I painted with much coaching at Sips N’ Strokes. I already had the pillows on the floor, the curtains previously hung over the sliding door to the backyard in our old place, and the floor lamp was in this house when we moved in.

I really wanted to create a “natural” feeling, so I added a few elements from the outside, literally.

I made a sunburst mirror from a cheap, plain mirror from Hobby Lobby. I gathered sticks from our yard, cleaned them, spray painted them gold, then hot-glued them to the outside of the mirror. It didn’t really take all that long and cost me a total of probably $8.

I also brought in a large branch to hang over the full-length mirrorsĀ I jimmy-rigged onto the opposite wall. The stuffed animals have moved with me for many year and add a nice touch of whimsy.

The room was already painted a soft blue, but my sister and I painted the trim white to give a cleaner feel.

I’m pretty happy with my room. Now, I just need to use it.